The Old Kind of Memory (Orca, Issue #16)

For centuries, Jed had known memory as the still morning air, the dampness of spring soil, the sound of a splitting seed; as the material essence of all that surrounded him, all that made up his home on the high…

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The Last Shift (Dreamers Creative Writing Magazine, Issue #13)

You’re back in the restaurant.

In uniform.

It’s closing time after another long shift. 

Bussing the last four-top, you watch your hands (a habit, now). Piling unclean plates and half-empty glasses, they appear smooth—no callouses, oil burns (or fingernails)—they aren’t…

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The Fading (Prime Number Magazine, Issue #199)

Hunched over the kitchen sink, my son held the point of an unhooked safety pin to a flame, watching it blacken clean. Then, one by one, he opened the blisters on his right index and middle fingertips. Then those on…

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